Cameroon-Homeschool Tutor

World Team has had a holistic church planting ministry among the Baka of Cameroon for three decades. The Baka have traditionally lived a hunter/gatherer lifestyle but are currently in the midst of a changing culture and environment. This change has presented challenges and opportunities to the Baka people. We are currently working with Baka disciples in several areas, including discipleship, Bible teaching, translation, literacy, trauma healing, agriculture, and sustainable development, with the goal of developing Baka believers and growing and multiplying churches.

Annabella has been home-schooled since preschool and will soon enter her 8th-grade year. She often works independently but would really benefit from a tutor who could provide guidance and
instruction when needed, as well as being a potential mentor and friend. It is our hope that we can be a blessing to you as you bless our family and team with your presence.

Jenn, Annabella’s mom, has work responsibilities, and a tutor would free up her time and allow her to
focus on ministry to the Baka. This is also a great opportunity for the tutor to experience missions firsthand. Opportunities to minister directly to the Baka can be arranged and are encouraged.
Because of the village’s remote nature, it does not have all of the comforts of a more developed area, though indoor plumbing and solar electricity are provided. Wifi and cell service are limited.

Location Cameroon
Local LanguageBaka, French
Dates08/01/2024 – 06/01/2025
Team Size 1 Homeschool Tutor

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