“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.”

John Stott (1921–2011) 

Discover Your Call

4 to 12 Months

World Team’s experiential ministries provide a four to twelve-month opportunity for young adults to find their fit in missions. Through a hands-on, holistic ministry and training opportunity serving among unreached people, you will be equipped to share the love of Christ in word and deed. Get started by telling us about yourself.

Teams of experienced church planters guide participants through hands-on ministry, and experts from around the world provide Bible and/or practical ministry training. These ministries offer the opportunity to be mentored and discipled throughout the journey. Download a map of the Short-Term process.

As you learn from experienced workers and trainers, you will put what is being learned into practice. We believe that true learning happens as the joys and challenges of ministry strategies are put into action.

Further your understanding of God’s mission and how He uses the gifts, abilities and passions that he places within each of us to build his kingdom among the lost and broken!

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Short-Term Trip

World Team’s four-to-12-month ministry opportunities will give you hands-on experience that will allow you to uniquely use your education and background. Not only will you spend time ministering among an unreached people group, but you will do so alongside a team of veteran workers who will help you process and understand the experience. These opportunities are designed to help you better understand God’s mission and how He uses each of our skills and passions to grow his Kingdom among the unreached.

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Compass, a ministry of The INN (The International Neighborhood Network), specializes in helping you find your place in missions.  We are passionate about developing your unique skills, gifts and abilities as you impact the world for Christ. Compass is a learning community that provides a hands-on, holistic ministry and training opportunity while serving among unreached diaspora in the US. You will be given plenty of time to put your training into practice, so come join the team and expand your relationship-building, evangelism and disciple-making skills!

Discover your fit on a cross-cultural team or form a new one!
Join a community serving among the unreached.