Why Is Paraguay a Mission Field?

The Significance of Diaspora Ministry in an Age of Global Migration

Article by Daniel Topf, PhD

World Team is in the process of expanding its missionary work into Ciudad del Este in Paraguay and, at first glance, it may not be that obvious why this Latin American country is such a priority when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission. After all, one could argue, Latin America is a continent with a strong Roman Catholic identity and a growing number of evangelical churches. Operation World, for instance, reports that 6.3% of Paraguay’s population is evangelical, while Joshua Project counts 8.01% in this category.1


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In Brussels alone, nearly 800,000 Moroccan Muslims live without God’s hope, and the local church of only a few thousand needs international partners to reach them.

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The Triple Frontier region is ripe for the gospel. Several efforts in the region have been successful in reaching Muslims through language/culture classes and sports ministry. We pray that working in an unreached area within the region will see similar fruit. World Team will work with local believers in building relationships with Muslim neighbors, helping the diaspora acclimate to the culture alongside our workers.

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The Hui of China

There are no short cuts in the work among the Hui—no canned evangelism programs. To build relationships that earn a hearing for the gospel requires patience, endurance, faith and love. Relationship building requires patience, love and faith!

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Acts of Faith – Haiti

Sean and Heather have been serving on the island country of Haiti for the last 12 years. Heather, an MK, has been a part of what is now World Team since 1972. Sean an Heather have raised four children on the field… and share their backgrounds, and the challenges and joys of serving in Haiti in this podcast.

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Cambodia – The Cham

Christian missionary efforts have been sporadic in various locations. It is estimated that a few hundred Cham have decided to follow Jesus, but there are still no churches, and most live in places far away from the nearest missionary. The New Testament is being translated into Cham and is almost complete.

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Manaus, Brazil

More than 100 people groups in Brazil have never heard the gospel, largely due to geography or policies which isolate them from the outside world. There is little to no evangelical presence working among this population. Locals refer to them as “the invisibles” or “hidden” people. World Team, in partnership with other like-minded agencies, is committed to reaching these migrant populations.

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South Asia

In many of the areas of South Asia, those that identify as Christian are fewer than 1%.  Many of those believers come from Hindu backgrounds, posing many cultural and language obstacles to reaching their Muslim neighbors. Yet in the last forty years, Muslim-background believers have multiplied from about a dozen to perhaps 10,000 today.

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UK – London

Serving Ethnic Minorities – Unreached, ethnic minorities abound in London. We praise God that He is working among these unreached peoples!

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Central Asia – The Uyghur

God is moving in the hearts of people to reach Uyghurs in Central Asia – The Uyghur people are a Turkic people, with a culture and language very similar to other Central Asian peoples. They are a hospitable people, who do not hesitate to invite someone in for tea, naan bread, or an entire meal. Their Muslim faith influences their identity despite their tendency to be less devout.

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