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2014 Internship to Moldova

Dates: May 23 - July 8

Cost: $4146

Overview:  As a Moldova Intern you will live and work for six weeks alongside of World Team church planters learning what it means to reach the Moldovan people with the Gospel.

Summary:Internship Moldova GO! Jesus calls us to go into His world, to share the Gospel and to make disciples. We invite you to join God’s mission in Moldova. Interns will be discipling new believers and teaching believers to invest in others with the goal of producing fruit for years to come. You will partner with Moldovans to make disciples that will prayerfully grow into a new community of believers.  All while you experience serving and growing within a team context.

Your experience will consist of...

Mentorship: an intensive six week discipleship that will challenge your assumptions about cross cultural ministry and encourage your love for God.

Moldovan Cultural Experience: Tucked between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is little known to much of the world. Moldova has a long and turbulent history, having been repeatedly fought over and dominated by its neighbors. The fall of the Soviet empire in 1991 brought independence, but power struggles and economic trouble continue to plague the nation. Ranked as the poorest European country, life is hard for most Moldovans. Communism and Orthodox Christianity offer little relief for people’s daily needs or hope for their future. And yet, Moldovans are spiritually open and we have opportunities to help grow the church by investing in its church leaders.

Best Candidate:

  • Teachable attitude
  • Minimum age 20, or at least two years living on your own
  • Experience on at least one other mission out-reach (This could have been in home country)
  • Currently involved in face to face relational ministry
  • Willing to do basic language learning

Number of Interns: 8

Download the information sheet.