Train Locally >>> Multiply Globally

Is your church or group interested in taking the Gospel where it is not yet known? ChurchLink will assist you in selecting and training a team in the context of your local church or community with the goal of serving together to plant multiplying churches among the unreached.

Jesus prayerfully selected a group of twelve disciples for focused training and ministry before sending them on a mission to the world. Church-based teams follow this same pattern of identifying and training leaders and commissioning them for ministry among unreached peoples.

Advantages of church-based teams:

  • A clear link between local and global ministries as teams move from ministry at home to ministry abroad
  • A greater sense of commitment and participation in the church body as it supports a team of people they know personally
  • A stronger working relationship among team members because of a shared history, passion and approach to ministry
  • A deeper tie between church and team that builds team longevity and promotes strategic short-term trips
  • A greater investment in prayer, encouragement and giving by the church body that may result in more teams being sent out
  • Shared training resources as church and World Team partner together. 
You cannot read the Book of Acts or the epistles without realizing that the church is at the center of missionary activity. Over the last four decades there has been a reawakening in the North American Church regarding its own mission responsibilities.
– Steve Beirn-Calvary Church

Preparing a Church-Based Team

Everyone will benefit from the practical training in missions, church planting, and spiritual formation, even if they do not go to the field to serve cross-culturally.
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Placing A Church-Based Team

Together, we prayerfully consider the greatest needs around the world and the best fit for the team.
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